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     The staff members are efficient and friendly, managing to excel in a tough task.
Kevin Miller08/07/2024
     Top-notch cleaner provided, with a very smooth and effortless process.
Fiona Duncan20/06/2024
     The staff is both friendly and reliable, also willing to work hard.
Orlando R.10/06/2024
     Having an agency handle background checks and skill evaluations for cleaners takes a weight off your shoulders as a homeowner.
Helen Lee22/05/2024
     Marvelous abode tidying. The cleaning crew was prompt in notifying me of our scheduled appointment for meeting with the designated cleaner before they began their services.
Victoria Adams16/04/2024
     Our newly obtained home received a thorough purging, leaving everything in pristine condition. The supplies utilized had an exceptional appearance and gave off a fresh, invigorating scent. We are overjoyed to have stumbled upon this phenomenal cleaning provider.
Julie Smith21/03/2024
     Top-quality service, much appreciated! She called to say she would be early and had a friendly approach while discussing all options before setting the final price.
Craig D.11/03/2024
     The service we received for our mattress cleaning this afternoon surpassed our expectations with superb quality from a truly professional team. We would highly recommend this company for their professionalism and keeping up with their promises. They arrived on time and completed the task as stated.
Hope L.01/03/2024
     I have no words to express how satisfied I am with the outstanding job done by the cleaning team.
Sadie R15/02/2024
     I am extremely satisfied with this company's services. Prices are always competitive and the cleaning service was done quickly and effortlessly.
S. Jones02/02/2024
     Looking for an affordable, thorough clean? Look no further than this company!
Samuel T.22/01/2024
     For anyone looking for reliable, professional, and affordable carpet cleaning services, Mile End Carpet Cleaning Companies is the way to go.
     I got Mile End Carpet Cleaning to take on a complicated task of carpet cleaning and the outcome was simply magnificent! It needed to be treated delicately, so it had to be handled by professionally trained individuals - and that's exactly what I got.
M. Hamway17/05/2023
     The end of tenancy cleaning I asked Mile End Carpet Cleaning for was executed to a fantastic standard and I felt extremely pleased with the results. Fortunately, my landlord was equally as ecstatic about the service I had requested, so much so that I received my deposit back without any issues.
D, Sand02/05/2023
     I am very pleased with the top-notch and cost-effective spring cleaning of Carpet Cleaning Service Mile End and wholeheartedly recommend them.
Craig Platt06/04/2023
     This particular cleaning service was fabulous. They did an incredible job with my flat. It looks amazing. I will be using Carpet Cleaning Service Mile End regularly.
Penelope C.21/05/2020
     I was delighted with services from CleanersMileEnd. Definitely one of the best cleaning services.
     I rate Carpet Cleaning Service Mile End incredibly highly for house cleaning. They did a top job and I thoroughly recommend them.
Y. Deen18/04/2019
     The end of tenancy cleaning service I received from Mile End Carpet Cleaning was great quality and great value as well! I didn't have to worry about a thing because everything was taken care of. There was no stone left unturned. My landlord was really impressed with the condition of the property as well; I reckon he'll probably be hiring these guys himself!
Keith Owen10/02/2016
     I was unsure about the best ways to remove the stains from my rugs, so I contacted Mile End Carpet Cleaning Companies to see if they could help. They used the best tools to get my rugs into shape, and they worked really quickly too. I was also impressed with the cheap and affordable prices, so would recommend to anyone looking for help with rug cleaning!
Elizabeth R.14/10/2015
     I have never really tried to clean a sofa before, so when I attempted it, the results were subpar. Carpet Cleaning Service Mile End were able to handle things for me though. There cleaners did the work for me, so I received the best results. My sofas are spotless, something I could not have achieved on my own.
Ron Jones31/07/2015
     I'm rarely at home because my job requires me to be out on the road constantly, but when I get back after a long trip, there is two things I do; have a much needed break, and hire a professional cleaner. MileEndCarpetCleaners provides the occasional cleaning services that I need, and they're dependable too. Their cleaners always do such a good job, taking all of the steps to make my dusty house feel homely again. They offer all of the cleaning options that I will ever need, and at a very affordable price too! I'm very thankful for their assistance, and would recommend them in a heartbeat!
     Wow my house has never looked this clean! I wanted a professional cleaner who could get my house into shape for a dinner party and I certainly didn't expect the high level of quality that I got with MileEndCarpetCleaners. From start to finish my cleaner was polite, friendly and was obviously very good at her job! My house looked better than I'd ever seen it before - every nook and cranny had been thoroughly cleaned - and even my house guests commented on the cleanliness! I only wish I'd used this company sooner as I've never had such a great experience with a cleaning company!
Matthew W.08/07/2014
     I wasn't keen on having a stranger come into my house to clean, but my neighbour had recently hired a cleaner from MileEndCarpetCleaners and I was pretty impressed by what I'd seen. I decided I had nothing to lose and so hired a cleaner to see what they could do for me. The service was really efficient and polite, and I can't believe I had any doubts at all. Now I have an amazingly clean home and lots of free time on my hands! I never realised how much of my time was wasted on cleaning, and how much I've missed out on! Thanks for everything!
Daniel L.17/12/2013